Storytelling add-in

The Storytelling add-in is a complete tool dedicated to storytelling and structured writing. It increases efficiency and coherence of consultants' work, is entirely integrated with PowerPoint and is particularly suited to collaborative and distant work.

Depending on your information architecture, your current investments and company strategy, you can run StoryShaper for PowerPoint in the cloud or on-premises.

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Get started easily


Structure your presentation with a storyline and edit blank packs with the storyboard

Project management

Manage your delivery with specific properties such as task manager, priority and progress, and generate reports automatically


Provide feeback and generate to-do lists automatically with our advanced sticker module
Simplify collaborative work


Centalize your team's delivery and manage versions and filesharing directly from PowerPoint


Merge automatically the production of all team members into a single and up-to-date version of the presentation

StoryShaper for PowerPoint on-premises

If your organisation wants to exploit its existing servers, if you have specific security needs or if there are other business considerations for the use of an on-premise solution, the StoryShaper for PowerPoint on-premise implementation is the way to go.


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