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What we do

We develop innovative software solutions specifically designed for professional PowerPoint users, such as consultants, audit specialists and M&A analysts.

Our first product, the StoryShaper add-in for PowerPoint, is a complete tool dedicated to storytelling and structured writing. It increases efficiency and coherence of consultants' work, is entirely integrated with PowerPoint and is particularly suited to collaborative and distant work.

We are innovation driven. Our products are based on several proprietary technologies, protected by US patents.

StoryShaper add-in for PowerPoint advantages

Consultants can now work together to structure, produce and deliver quickly high quality presentations.

StoryShaper benefit: structuring


StoryShaper automatically maintains the overall coherence of the storyline, the storyboard and the slides pack throughout the production process.

StoryShaper benefit: efficiency


Productivity gains are significant, particularly for iterative activities such as structuring, integration and reporting.

StoryShaper benefit: collaboration


StoryShaper is specifically designed for teamwork with the most advanced file sharing capabilities, synchronization, publications management, comments and many more features.

StoryShaper benefit: project management

Project management

Workload can be balanced and adjusted any time, while advanced reporting functionalities allow the manager to monitor closely the production of deliverables.

StoryShaper benefit: compatibility


StoryShaper is entirely integrated with Powerpoint and uses the standard pptx file format, allowing exchanges with users who do not have StoryShaper (yet :)).

StoryShaper benefit: convenience


Thanks to a clear and intuitive interface, StoryShaper can be used without training by consultants and support teams, such as graphic designers.

StoryShaper storytelling features


Your clients are flooded with PowerPoint presentations and reports. A concise and well-structured storyline is the best way to stand out and get your ideas through.

StoryShaper project management features

Project management

For consultants, project management is very close to "presentation delivery management". That is why we have integrated the most useful features right into PowerPoint: stream allocation within the team, priority, and progress.

StoryShaper versioning features


When several people work together on the same presentation, version management becomes really difficult. With StoryShaper, a simple click in PowerPoint deals automatically with version management and file sharing.

StoryShaper collaboration features


Your teammates work together on the same documents, and you need to work offline for confidentiality and mobility reasons? With StoryShaper, you can track and merge the production of every team member automatically.

StoryShaper review features


PowerPoint presentations are often produced in an iterative way. With StoryShaper, provide feedback on a given version, track the status of your markups, and generate reports and detailed workloads automatically.

StoryShaper Smart repository

StoryShaper smart repository

With the StoryShaper smart repository, users can effortlessly find the most relevant content among millions of documents, in several languages and without pre-tagging.

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Making your dreams come true

Microsoft .NET and Office software development

Our products show that we have developed a strong expertise in add-in development for the Microsoft Office environment.

For example, the collaborative features show that we have gathered a unique know-how at the Office OpenXML level (the file format used in recent Office versions, such as .pptx, .docx and .xlsx).

We can help you in developing efficient and reliable software products in the Office environment (PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Outlook...). Our support ranges from the customization of our add-in to your particular needs to the development of fully independent and proprietary software.

If you have questions feel free to get in touch with and tell us more about your project.


About us

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We are a Paris-based software company specialized in productivity tools for professional PowerPoint users. Our clients include international management consulting firms, audit specialists and M&A bankers.

Innovation and user-centered approach have been part of our DNA from the very beginning and we currently hold several ending patents. The StoryShaper design is deeply rooted in our firsthand experience of the pain points PowerPoint users face. Our team gathers former strategy consultants from tier-1 firms, developers and seasoned entrepreneurs.

We are Microsoft partners (members of the Bizspark program). Thanks to our latest works in the field of artificial intelligence we have recently integrated the Microsoft AI Hackademy in Paris (2017).

join the team

Join the team!

Our team gathers former strategy consultants from top-tier firms, developers and seasoned entrepreneurs. To support our growth, we are looking for talented and ingenious developers.

StoryShaper has been co-founded by two software engineers, so you can be sure that we highly value the quality and beauty of your code.

At StoryShaper, we provide developers with a challenging and inspiring working atmosphere and environment. By joining us you will benefit from a high degree of autonomy – because it's the only way you can be really creative.

We are looking for experienced .NET developers. We face new technical challenges every day; we'd be glad to see how you crack them:

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