Smart repository

The challenge of intellectual capital

StoryShaper smart repository - the challenge of intellectual capital

Today’s firms build their competitive advantage through intellectual capital, but the existing solutions are far from making the most of it. The intellectual capital challenge comes from the variety of offices and languages, the weight of archives and knowledge to be permanently updated, turnover of staff, and a diversity of industries and business functions.

For example, a typical international consulting firm produces more than a million slides a year. The question being: How can users find exactly and quickly the most relevant content among the whole intellectual capital of the firm? If your knowledge is not easily accessible, your advantage is lost.

With the StoryShaper smart repository, users can effortlessly find the most relevant content among millions of documents

Our smart repository is based on the latest natural language processing (NLP) technologies in order to extract knowledge nuggets from the whole intellectual capital of the firm. AI-powered search delivers the intelligence and semantic analysis that understands what users are looking for. StoryShaper supports online training, which means that thanks to machine learning your search engine will keep learning over time. If your industry or company uses specific jargon, we’ll understand it without you telling us.

Directly from their working environment (e.g. PowerPoint, Word…) users can instantly access the most relevant data of the firm. Even better, it doesn’t require any pre-tagging of documents, the AI will ingest unstructured data and discover relations by itself!

Smart repository key features

The smart repository is composed of 2 main modules: the AI engine and the user access interface.

The AI module is based on advanced NLP algorithms that allows to:

  • Ingest unstructured data and index millions of documents and billions of tokens effortlessly
  • Establish similarity between words and concepts
  • Understand jargon and misspelling
  • Work fully on-premise or in the cloud
  • Federate multiple sources (e.g. SharePoint, OneDrive, etc.)
  • Manage multilingual (English, French, German…) and cross-language search (under development)
  • Deal with text and images

The user interface may vary from one customer to another. We currently provide PowerPoint and Word in-app access, as well as intranet search pages. For custom development, get in touch with our commercial team.

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