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What does StoryShaper do

What we do

Our work is driven by a simple goal: making our clients better than their competitiors.

Our activity covers several fields, from strategic consulting to software development, from process mining to process automation. Since our inception in 2016, we have gathered a strong team of consultants, seasoned process analysts, developers, BPM experts and software architects.

Our experience show that there is room for improvement for every company, in every sector, whatever the size or the complexity. We are darwinian consultants, with the conviction that in every industry, digital fitness is key for survival.

StoryShaper strategic consulting services

Audit & Strategic consulting

Even though efficiency gains and competitive edge are the goal of many transformation projects, it's often unclear where to start or where to put the effort.

That is why we tend to begin every digital transformation project with an efficiency audit. Based on dozens of projects, we have develop in-house performance assessment frameworks that we keep refining on every assignment. Our objective is to understand how to maximize the client's return on digital investment.

The second step is to define a precise digital roadmap, aligned with the client's global strategy. We are technology-agnostic: based on your objectives, we advise you on the most relevant and critical transformation projects.

StoryShaper process efficiency and robotization services

Process efficiency & robotization: running your company like clockwork

We have specialized in process optimization. Our consultants closely work with you to (re-)design your processes in the most efficicent way.

Once we have a clear understanding of how your processes should work, our developers take the lead to transform process diagrams into running applications. For that, we rely on technological partnerships with the most recognized BPMS and RPA vendors, such as Bizagi and UiPath.

Our key differentiator? Designing bespoke process applications while maintaining a strong level of integration with your legacy IT infrastructure.

StoryShaper software development services

Software development

There is no such thing as a no code platform. Even though modern BPMs platforms are relatively low code, providing a performant and smooth integration into your legacy systems requires high-level software development skills.

There is no such thing as aOver the past years, we have built a unique expertise in process automation development. Not only do we know how to integrate BPMS platforms into your IT architecture, we can also develop custom components and extensions to meet your specific needs.

In addition to BPMS development, we also develop specific software solutions in various areas, such as semantic search or Office add-ins. We have a long-lasting expertise in the Microsoft environment, being the .NET framework, MS Dynamics, SharePoint, and others.

StoryShaper ai and machine learning services

AI & machine learning

While developing software solutions, either for ourselves or for our clients, we have developed a specific know-how in semantic analysis. Topics we usually deal with are semantic search, topic modelling, automatic classification, etc.

We have a proven track record on the most advanced machine learning libraries (e.g. scikit learn, gensim, NLTK, etc.). An example of achievement is the Smart repository, a semantic search engine specifically designed for the Office environment and available by subscription.

StoryShaper Smart repository

StoryShaper Smart repository

With the StoryShaper Smart repository, users can effortlessly find the most relevant content among millions of documents, in several languages and without pre-tagging.

Our customers

Success stories from organizations across industries and around the globe.

Astorg Partners

European private equity group.


Public group and international reinsurer.


Global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services.


Life & Accident Insurance company.

Monitor Deloitte

Multinational strategy consulting firm.

Roland Berger

Global strategy consulting firm.


Global leader in the inspection, verification, testing and certification.


One of France's leading independent private equity groups.

About us

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We are a Paris-based startup specialized in digital transformation. Our clients include international management consulting firms, private equity firms, insurance companies and others.

Innovation and user-centered approach have been part of our DNA from the very beginning. For our digital journey, we look for the best technological partners in every field (BPMS, RPA, process mining...).

We are proud to be Bizagi, UiPath and Microsoft partners (members of the Bizspark program). Thanks to our latest works in the field of artificial intelligence we have recently integrated the Microsoft AI Hackademy in Paris (2017).

Join the team

Join the team!

Our team gathers former strategy consultants from top-tier firms, developers and seasoned entrepreneurs. To support our growth, we are looking for talented and ingenious developers.

StoryShaper has been co-founded by two software engineers, so you can be sure that we highly value the quality and beauty of your code.

At StoryShaper, we provide developers with a challenging and inspiring working atmosphere and environment. By joining us you will benefit from a high degree of autonomy – because it's the only way you can be really creative.

We are looking for experienced .NET developers. We face new technical challenges every day; we'd be glad to see how you crack them:

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