With StoryShaper version management is made much easier

Collaboration means that several users are working simultaneously on the same presentation. This implies that at some point the project manager will produce a unified version, taking into account the slides produced by every member of the team.

There are 2 potential strategies to achieve effective collaboration:

  • a fully online and centralized approach
  • an offline and decentralized approach with a "merging" mechanism

StoryShaper takes into consideration the specific needs and constraints of its users:

  • a high level of confidentiality
  • mobility constraints, such as long travels and offsite assignments


Thus, the StoryShaper add-in allows you to work offline, locally, and easily share your versions with the rest of your team when needed.

With StoryShaper, you don't need to send slides by emails anymore: everything is done from PowerPoint. When you want to share a version with the team, the document is automatically sent to a StoryShaper cloud and broadcasted to all other team members. Version management is also done automatically in the cloud, so everyone is shared the same file versions.

For confidentiality matters, the StoryShaper cloud can be installed on-premise.

From the StoryShaper ribbon users can access all versions of a given presentation

From the StoryShaper ribbon you can have an overview of all the existing versions of your presentations:

  • your own
  • those shared by your teammates

Whenever you want to access the latest reference version (also called "master version") you can easily fetch it with the StoryShaper quick access menu.

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