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StoryShaper use cases

Strategy consulting

StoryShaper for PowerPoint - Customer needs

By its very nature, strategy consulting relies on storytelling techniques because:

  • only a coherent and well-structured presentation can adequately reflect the quality of the analysis that has been achieved
  • in order for them to be accepted and implemented by clients, the recommendations must be formulated clearly and based on logical and convincing reasoning
  • PowerPoint presentations are the reference deliverables for strategy consultants: they are the "tangible" product of the consulting mission

A narrative structure is essential to the production of deliverables because it allows consultants to:

  • structure production logically and coherently
  • convincingly present analyses, results and recommendations

Collaboration is a key aspect of consulting, as a typical setup involves 3 to 5 consultants working together on the same documents

StoryShaper value proposition: apply pyramidal thinking to your PowerPoint presentations

  • StoryShaper is the first software solution specifically designed to help consultants produce better deliverables in a collaborative fashion
  • StoryShaper specifically provides an efficient structuring of the entire deliverable with the concept of “storyline”, i.e. structuring of the presentation in form of a logical tree with the key messages
  • The quality of the deliverable is ensured by a permanent connection between the storyline and the slides (i.e. moving nodes will move the corresponding slides)
  • A considerable amount of time is gained in creating and developing the storyline, sharing it with the team, and making it coherent with the slides
  • The manager can automatically integrate consultants’ work within a unified master structure

Commercial proposition

StoryShaper for PowerPoint - Customer needs
  • For every project, your prospects receive dozens of proposals: to transform them into clients, you will need a clear (i.e. concise and easy to understand) and powerful (i.e. convincing and logical) commercial proposition
  • Time spent on proposals is not billed, so you’d better reduce time needed to draft them and focus on project delivery
  • The financial offer is most often composed of one or several Excel spreadsheets that will be updated until the final version: you want to avoid mistakes and make sure that the final proposal will be based on the latest quotation

StoryShaper value proposition: save time on commercial proposals production

  • StoryShaper helps you save a lot of time with pre-defined commercial proposition templates; you can easily arrange the original templates within our storytelling module. You can thus focus on the essential part of the proposition (answering your clients’ needs!), we take care of the rest.
  • Make sure you’re your financial offer is up-to-date thanks to our PowerPoint-Excel linking features. Every time your financial offer evolves, your PowerPoint proposition is automatically updated.
  • Improve teamwork on the proposition with our filesharing and collaboration module. This is particularly interesting when technical and commercial staff work together on the same document.

MOOCs, e-books and training materials

StoryShaper for PowerPoint - Customer needs
  • MOOCs, e-books and training materials are organized in logical sections (topics, chapters, sub-sections, etc.): you need to keep a clear organization of the content in order to make it easy to understand
  • You may want to share only parts of your contents (e.g. certain chapters only), but keeping several versions is hard to maintain

StoryShaper value proposition: edit alternate versions of your document with embedded navigation features

  • With StoryShaper, you can easily and rapidly structure your contents with the storylining features (chapters, sub-chapters, exercise sections, etc.)
  • You can work on a “master version” of your document, and export only a subset when needed
  • StoryShaper allows you to export content in PDF with embedded navigation features, i.e. PDF bookmarks based on your storyline structure

Financial analysis report

StoryShaper for PowerPoint - Customer needs
  • When you work on a financial analysis report, your main tools are probably Excel for analysis and PowerPoint for synthesis and recommendations
  • Modifying a single hypothesis on your Excel model may have an impact on dozens of slides in your presentation: a manual update of slides if both lengthy and prone to errors
  • Financial modeling is an iterative process, where you can easily lose track of the latest modifications and desynchronize your Excel data vs. your PowerPoint presentation

StoryShaper value proposition: make sure your presentation always includes the latest updates of your financial model

  • StoryShaper offers a cutting-edge Excel-PowerPoint linking mechanism: whenever your Excel model is updated, you can update all the corresponding slides with a single click in PowerPoint
  • StoryShaper manages all kinds of Excel data structures: single cells, multiple cells selections, charts, text, numbers…

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