StoryShaper is based on a simple observation: the tools consultants use are not adapted to the needs of consulting

StoryShaper Storytelling feature

The main tool now used for consulting is Microsoft PowerPoint. However, steps as important as structuring, validation, team management and project management are done outside of PowerPoint.

Consultants have widely embraced storytelling methodology, but lack the technological tool applying it. This implies some major disadvantages:

  • loss of quality
  • loss of time
  • loss of efficency

With StoryShaper, you can create a storyline via a dedicated screen: each modification has an immediate impact on the deliverable

The quality of the deliverable is ensured by a permanent connection between the storyline and the slides (i.e. moving nodes will move the corresponding slides).

A considerable amount of time is gained in creating and developing the storyline, sharing it with the team, and making it coherent with the slides.

The storyline is put into the form of a storyboard: from that point, the consultants can automatically generate the pack of slides

After creating the storyline, the consultants can define those slides which will support the messages ("storyboard").

StoryShaper allows the automatic generation of a blank pack, including content (type of graphics, text zones, etc.), properties (task manager, priority…) and a title.

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