Intelligent comments ("stickers") can be superimposed on the slide contents

PowerPoint comments are useful, yet many consultants don't use them to provide feedback on slides. Why?

We believe it is because comments are not actionable: it is not easy to move from a set of comments to a concrete to-do list.

With StoryShaper, users can place stickers on slides and storylines, allowing users to:

  • respond to comments in discussion format (thus saving time and increasing coherence)
  • attribute a sticker to a particular consultant
  • define a priority level in the treatment of comments and a status (open, resolved, closed)

These stickers are transformed into a "to-do" list, which is integrated into the deliverable and can be filtered

From one meeting to the next, the manager can ensure that all remarks and questions have been addressed.

A consultant can easily extract a to-do list from the global set of stickers, and start working on the most important ones (priority is a property of StoryShaper stickers).

During the production phase, each consultant can also filter the stickers that have been specifically addressed to him and deal with them accordingly.​

Stickers are also taken into consideration in the automatic project report.

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