The manager can automatically integrate consultants’ work within a unified master structure

With StoryShaper, every consultant can work offline on his own version of a presentation, and easily make it accessible to the rest of the team.

With StoryShaper, you get all advantages of online and offline collaboration models:

  • everyone can work on his own version locally
  • sharing with others is made easy and automatic

When a version is shared with the team, everyone can access it and retrieve content from it.

With StoryShaper, the project manager has the capacity to automatically merge all versions into a single up-to-date version. The merging feature will automatically detect the latest version of each element (slide, sticker, storyline) and integrate it into the user's current version.

In case of conflict, you can easily decide which version to keep

With the StoryShaper project management features everyone can easily know on which slides he is supposed to work.

However, sometimes several consultants can edit the same slide (or storyline part) simultaneously. In that case, we detect a conflict and let you decide which version to keep.

The graphical interface is very intuitive and even allows you to combine modifications of several users into a single new slide.

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